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Linda ClarkWelcome to the missions education information page! The articles in this section are written to provide you with the latest resources and information to help you and your church fulfill our missions mandate.

Every month’s postings will include ideas you can use in your small group setting, emphases for use in worship services, projects your church can do to share Christ in your neighborhood and community, and information about Southern Baptist mission efforts around the world.

l serve as SEIBA’s missions education consultant and would be glad to work with you, your pastor, and church missions development team to help you develop a strategic approach to engaging in missions efforts in our region, in Indiana, in North  America, and overseas. Please don’t hesitate to contact me by texting me (502.595.8473) or via email: lclark1213@hotmail.com  I am available to speak to women’s groups and retreats and to make mission presentations.

The emphasis for 2018 is “Unshakeable Pursuit.” God is unshakeable in His pursuit of us, and it is our challenge to also be unshakeable in our pursuit to share Christ’s love with others. I look forward to hearing from you!

In His Service,

Linda Clark

Recent Posts from 'Linda's Articles'

Family Missions Focus

Here are several great ways to involve the entire family in missions this fall! Promote them in your church newsletter or bulletin. Print the ideas on sheets for distribution through Sunday School, community groups, or out of your media center. Have a brief fellowship time after worship to introduce the Candy Apple Bar idea. It might encourage families to adapt the get-together in their own neighborhood.

Neighbor Welcome – Is there a new family in your neighborhood? Volunteer to help unload the moving truck, unpack boxes, or collapse boxes for the trash. Let them know you love them because Christ loves them. Invite them to dinner after their hard day’s work or take drinks and easy-to-eat finger food since their kitchen isn’t open yet. Be sure to tell them about your church and what is offered for children and youth.

Candy Apple Bar – Provide apple slices on skewers, bowls of caramel, and toppings such as nuts, candy corn, mini chocolate chips, etc. Dip the apple slices in the caramel and then in the toppings of choice. If you do this in your neighborhood, invite other families with children of similar ages.

More than Enough – Help your children go through their closets and choose gently worn clothing and toys to donate to a ministry center. Choices Resource takes limited items.

Global Hunger Sunday

One in seven people in the U.S. uses food banks to help meet their needs.

One out of six children (roughly 100 million) in developing countries is underweight.

Sunday, October 14, 2018 has been set aside to emphasize meeting hunger needs around the world. 100% of every dollar goes directly toward meeting hunger needs. A downloadable resource packet is available through Woman’s Missionary Union. The pack contains plans for an experiential hunger meal adapted in age-appropriate ways for preschoolers through adults. The resource is also available in Spanish. 

Once your church knows more about hunger in your area, you may want to suggest ways you can fight hunger together:

  • Start a food pantry in your church.
  • Enlist volunteers to deliver Meals on Wheels to senior adults.
  • Join Habitat for Humanity and help build houses for low-income families.
  • Participate in a backpack food ministry through an elementary school in your area.
  • To collect funds for hunger relief, give each family a Global Hunger Bread Bank (these can purchased through WMU for $1.50 each). If funding for banks is limited, make them from potato chip cans, small cartons, etc. Go to Pinterest for ideas and instructions.

Make a Difference with WorldCrafts

Christmas is just around the corner! As you make plans for fall activities, why not schedule a WorldCrafts party for everyone or for a woman’ group? Since everyone will be purchasing Christmas gifts, why not purchase items that help women around the world earn a livelihood for their families. WorldCrafts and its local partners develop fair-trade businesses that provide sustainable income while offering eternal hope through Christ. WorldCrafts products represent a life changed by the opportunity to earn an income with dignity and hear the gospel message.

Items vary from accessories, Christmas gifts, home décor, jewelry, and stationery. You can shop by artisan or by country. Hosting a party is a fun way to teach people about how missionaries are working with groups of artisans, some of whom are at high risk for human trafficking. Go to https:www.worldrafts.org/share for all the resources you’ll need to share WorldCrafts with others. There are free downloadable cards, prayer calendars , and all the resources you need to set up a WorldCrafts display. There is a Fall/Winter 2018-2019 Display Set to help you create a market and teach preschoolers through adults (set includes recipes, poster, flyers, etc.). This website is newly re-designed so check it out!

Hot Off the Press!

“Tell the Story: Bible Storying for Kids” is now available at www.wmustore.com  Sharing God’s stories with children has never been more easy and effective. A digital download, this new resource includes these tools:

  • 40 individual Bible story sessions
  • 60 different activities and games
  • 8 strategies for sharing Christ with kids
  • 5-day Bible storying plan for a mission trip, outreach project of VBS
  • Ideas for sharing with children who are unchurched or from different cultures
  • Tips for adapting stories for adults
  • A Bible storying cloth which is shipped separately

The response to this new resource has been great. And, it can be yours to use in ministry for $44.99!    

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