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What Every Church Planter Needs

Have you ever wondered what the church planters in our association might need? Do they need things like housing, sustainable incomes, and medical care? Of course they do! Our churches can be supportive in providing some of these needs, but there are some things every church planter needs that cannot be purchased at the grocery store or through a healthcare system.

Church planters need our prayers! Here are some ways you can lift them and their needs up in prayer every day:

  • Pray for them to connect with families in their neighborhood.
  • Pray for their communities to respond as they demonstrate God’s love.
  • Ask God to keep them from becoming discouraged. Progress in planting a new church is usually slow, and it’s easy to feel no one is interested in the gospel message.
  • Pray that the church plant will reflect the demographics of the neighborhood.
  • Ask God to provide others who will invest in the church plant.
  • Pray that the church planter will be creative in his outreach to unchurched people.