The Jerusalem Project

This summer, SEIBA, offers a new ministry opportunity called, “The Jerusalem Project.”  We are looking for two groups of churches:

Church A.   Church “A” has a group of people who are looking to do missions locally, here in Southern Indiana. No passport required and you can be home every night.  There is no optimal church size or mission team size in church A.

Church B. Church “B” is perhaps a smaller or newer church like River Ridge, that would benefit from a local mission team coming in for a few days this summer and assisting with one or more of the different types of outreach efforts and events, such as Vacation Bible School, Block Parties, Prayer Walking, Bible Clubs, evangelism, church promotion and basically whatever you can think of that would promote the gospel in your church’s community.

If your church falls into either category A or B, please reach out to Patrick Lynch, Pastor of River Ridge Church at 910-580-0929 or via email at 

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