iCalendar (.ics) calendar feed support implemented

You'll now see an  icon on our calendars and individual calendar events.  This link can be used to download an iCalendar (.ics) file or be used as a calendar feed for calendar programs like MS Outlook (2007/2010) and several online calendar programs like Google calendar. (Google calendar is finicky though) (read more)

Printer Friendly pages

You'll now see a 'printer friendly version' link on many pages such as events, news items, church listings, etc...  This will allow you to get a simpler display suitable for printing without the site header, menu, or sidebar. (read more)

Minor update to the site

Several updates were made to the site over night.  You may notice subtle cosmetic differences, but the content remains the same. (read more)

New Website Launched

Along with the reorganization of the association, we've finally reorganized our web site.  Not only should be be easier for us to maintain, it should be easier to use and navigate.  This is YOUR website, so we welcome any comments or suggestions.  If you'd like to get to the older pages, look fr the link under "Resources." (read more)

Church Directory updated

We've reformatted the directory of SEIBA churches to make it easier to locate a local church.  This will also allow for some easier navigation in the future. (read more)

Church Directory online

A new directory of churches has be added, along with a map showing all the churches in the Southeastern Indiana Baptist Association. (read more)

More minor changes to website

If you pay close attention, you'll have noticed a few minor changes to how things are displayed. (read more)