WMU Holds Virtual Annual January Board Meetings

The annual January Board Meeting of Woman’s Missionary Union was held January 8 – 9. The following information comes from various reports on the previous year of missions-related activities initiated by associational, state, and national missions organizations to fulfill WMU’s purpose of proclaiming the good news of Jesus to all nations. 2021 was a great year for missions-related activities as WMU partnered with the following agencies and entities:

North American Mission Board

Kevin Ezell, President of NAMB, reported that an all-time giving record occurred last spring when $66.5 million was given to the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering for North American Missions. He stated that even during the pandemic, 36 new churches were planted. The theme for this year is “United” and the offering goal is $70 million Sadly, only ½ of Southern Baptist churches participate in this annual offering. 

International Mission Board

The president of IMB, Paul Chitwood, gave an encouraging report on what was accomplished with God’s grace during the past year. Here are some of the statistics he provided: 91% of IMB missionaries are engaging unreached people groups; 144,000 new believers were reported; 8,700 were baptized; 18,000 new churches were planted; and 12,000 pastors were trained. He said, “The nations are waiting and we must go.”

WMU Continues to Provide Quality Resources

Many age-level missions-related materials which can be viewed and ordered online at www.wmu.com Compassion Ministries offers a series of mini-online courses on refugees, poverty, human trafficking, and others. Online blogs and articles provide training tips, current information about missionaries, and project ideas. Training for Christian Job Corps is now offered online. WorldCrafts catalogs are available online also. Many resources can be downloaded and printed: Compassion Ministries Prayer Calendar, Starter Packs information and others. New “Missions in a Box” continue  to be produced. They are now available for Japan, China, and Nigeria. Especially written for families, these are excellent materials for families that home school or want to promote missions in their homes.