You only have to look around a corner here in our association to find needs that you can meet as an individual, family, or church. The pandemic has intensified many needs related to daily life issues, and at this time of year as the holidays near, we can extend God’s loving hands to others in tangible ways.

Consider these projects that your community group or family can do:

1. Contact Re: Center Ministries in Louisville about projects to assist the work done at the ministry center on Jefferson Street. Email Corey Bledsoe at: cory@recenterministries.org for information.

2. Hunger ministries in local communities face greater needs during colder months. Contact local agencies or SEIBA’s hunger ministry project leader through the associational office.

3. Provide food items for backpacks for children during school holiday breaks.

4. Prepare Thanksgiving food baskets for families needing extra help. Include special items for families with children.

5. Contact a juvenile facility or country jail about donating socks and other items if needed.

6. Create a neighboring movement in your church. Ask members to discover neighbors’ needs and meet them during the holiday season. Keep pandemic restrictions in mind and use limited contact and porch deliveries as you minister.