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Think Ahead!

It’s time to begin thinking about how your church will promote and participate in the annual Annie Armstrong Easter Offering for North American Missions! Free materials can be ordered from the Indiana State Convention offices. A promotional packet will be sent to every church in Indiana that includes sample envelope, poster, and prayer guides for North American missionaries.  Videos for use in worship services can be found online at 

World Hunger Month

October is World Hunger Month and the offering that is featured provides funding for several hunger ministries here in Indiana. There is a little-known fact about this offering and its benefits: funds are given to our state based on the number of churches that participate in giving!

Rather than funds being awarded according to the amount given from any individual state, hunger ministries are assisted according to how many churches give to the offering. That means if our Indiana churches’ gifts come from only a few churches, funds given back to us will be very limited.

Hunger funds have been decreased in recent years because fewer churches are participating. Let’s pray that the number increases this year! Even if your church does not promote giving, you as an individual or family can give and designate your gift for World Hunger relief.

Hunger relief is a great way to enable our missionaries to share the gospel with others as they provide food through on-going ministries.



September is the annual season of prayer to focus on the ministries of our state convention here in Indiana. There is information about offering allocations and a prayer guide online. Go to or call the state office to order resources such as posters and envelopes.

Following are some ideas to help you promote this important missions offering in your church. This offering is critical to strengthening and establishing ministries within Indiana. A percentage of what your association gives to the offering is returned to the association for use in special missions projects. We can win Indian to Christ more easily is funds are available to assist church planters, church revitalization, and ministry!

2020 Theme: Churches Helping Churches

Scripture: Hebrews 10:24

State Missions Offering Goal: $75,000

Tips for Promoting the State Missions Offering

1. Make your church aware of the needs in Indiana for evangelism (statistics and information are online). Use the church newsletter, website, and worship screen to educate your members about the importance of the offering.

2. Set a goal and create a visual to show the progress toward that goal. Idea: divide a large map of Indiana into associations or counties and assign a numerical “value” to each by dividing your goal. As gifts are given, color in that section or cover it with decorative paper to show goal progress.

3. Prepare information that is age-appropriate and give to Bible study teachers and leaders as well as community group leaders to share. Call an associational leader and ask him how your association uses their portion of offering gifts in your area.

4. You may be able to create a video of the above interview and show it during worship. Personal testimonies of missions projects are a good way to illustrate the offering’s importance.

5. Schedule a date on the church calendar and have a Hoosier Fair which focuses on the importance of the Indiana State Missions Offering. “Booths” could include a Did You Know table with facts about Indiana; a food table with street corn, popcorn, chicken wings; a basketball hoop for free throw shots; and games popular at county fairs in Indiana (corn hoe!). Use your imagination as you create an event to highlight Hoosiers’ need for Christ. Perhaps one booth could be a demonstration of how to give a simple testimony to share Christ. This is a perfect venue for a “Who’s Your One” evangelism emphasis.  

Recognizing that all of this will be impacted by covid-19, you may need to shift and adapt your plans to meet current social distancing restrictions. Don’t be afraid to ask for help in hosting a missions event using technology such as Zoom.

Regardless of current pandemic restrictions, gifts to the State Missions Offering are more important than ever in our search for ways to reach out to Indiana residents with the good news of Jesus. When our churches unite in giving, we will be more effective in showing God’s love through evangelistic projects, church planting, and revitalization efforts.

Tell His story in Indiana!

Pandemic Calls for Sacrificial Giving

We’ve been on lockdown, learned how to social distance, and are “doing church” in ways we’d never dreamed of before COVID-19 hit. The impact consumes our news reports and has filtered into the very fiber of all that we do as believers. We don’t need another list of all that has changed nor the problems that have arisen because of those changes

However, the impact of the pandemic on our churches and their giving cannot be glossed over. Because of the giving process of Southern Baptists, every ministry and agency has been hurt by the fact that giving on the church local level has dramatically changed. Giving online has become the norm; churches are re-aligning their budgets; state conventions have cancelled events that created income and downsized spending. The support of missionaries on the field and concern about decreased giving to special missions offerings has meant our two mission boards have made tough decisions about allocations.

Is there a solution to the financial issues caused by the pandemic? We in the local churches must continue to be faithful in giving our tithes and offerings. We need to encourage staff and leadership to commit to the same level of giving through the Cooperative Program to enable our agencies to continue to support and expand evangelistic efforts around the world.

The Indiana state missions offering is emphasized in August and September, so as soon as promotional materials are available (contact our SCBI office for information), set a church goal and begin to make  your congregation aware of how crucial this year’s offering will be. Begin making plans to promote the Lottie Moon Christmas offering, realizing that 50% of the IMB budget comes from the gifts to LMCO.

We can help our ministries and agencies survive and support missionaries who are proclaiming the good news of Jesus in difficult places around the world!

It’s Time for Annie!

Annie Armstrong, that is! This year’s emphasis on North American missions is March 1-8. The theme is “It’s All about the Gospel,” and the national goal is $70 million. As you lead your church to participate in this important missions offering, there are several things that need to be on your checklist:

  • Review resources and set a church goal.
  • Download promotional ideas, videos, and presentation suggestions.
  • Order the free posters, prayer guides, and offering envelopes through the Indiana WMU office at or by calling 317.481.2400.
  • Schedule Week of Prayer for North American Missions.
  • Promote the offering with videos, missionary speakers and prayer guides.
  • Collect offering gifts.

Materials are available in English, Haitian Creole, Spanish, Korean, and Vietnamese.

Go online to: for videos and other resources.

October is Global Hunger Month

October 13 is Global Hunger Sunday. Worldwide, chronic hunger affects 1 of 9 people in the world. Your church’s participation along with GHR can make a difference in the lives of these persons, many of whom are refugees or live in urban slum areas.

Global Hunger funds also provide clean water, agricultural needs, and jobs for the thousands who have fled from religious and ethnic persecution. Last year more than 1,500 communities and one half million people were impacted by gifts to the Global Hunger Relief fund.

During 1917 over 15 million households were categorized as food insecure here in the United States. More than 2.427 ministries were funded and gave more than 16 million meals to hungry North Americans. Indiana has multiple hunger ministries that provide food relief to our residents along with encouragement and a gospel presentation.

Hunger relief funds that come to Indiana through the North American Missions Board are determined by the number of our churches that participate in giving. It is NOT based on a dollar amount, but rather, on the number of churches that give. So, what does this mean? This means that we need 100% of our churches to give something to hunger relief! This means that you as an individual or a family can give and designate it for world hunger, even if your church does not participate!

For more information about Global Hunger Relief go to:  For information about hunger ministries here in Indiana, contact Rick Hillard at

Week of Prayer for North American Missions

If you haven’t ordered envelopes, posters, and prayer guides for the Week of Prayer 2019, it’s time! Contact the Indiana WMU office at 317.481.2400 or go to:’smissionaryunion  to order materials online.

This designated season of prayer focuses on prayer for Southern Baptist North American missionaries and their ministries. Annual prayer guides feature a week’s worth of missionary snapshots of individuals, couples, and families who are proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ through a wide variety of ministries. Named for Annie Armstrong, an early missionary, this missions offering and week of prayer is the major avenue of financial support of more than 5000 missionaries, chaplains, and volunteers.

Go to for various resources with multiple language translations, videos for your church, social media package, and printable resources. 100% of all gifts go to the mission field. Our cooperation as Southern Baptist churches and individuals makes this work possible.

A Lesson in Giving (adapted from Missions Mosaic Magazine*, February 2019)

We teach our children how to tie their shoes, make a bed, and help clean up the kitchen after dinner. Often, however, we neglect teaching them (by example and words) the importance of giving to others. Part of our own spiritual journey as adults is teaching children and students to love giving.

The author of this article in Missions Mosaic suggests 4 ways to teach children about the joy of giving. Help them understand the needs boys and girls around the world have for food, water and safe housing

1. Teach children how to garden, explaining how missionaries help people learn to grow food for their families. Many hunger relief agencies provide opportunities to give money for seeds, hoes, and shovels. Contact for more information.

2. Use crafts to show children they can make things people need, such as sewing kits or decorating items for others to use. Similar kits may help someone begin a business making items to sell to give their family money needed for school supplies or food.

3. Baptist Global Response (BGR) has a catalog from which you and children can choose a food packet gift for someone who doesn’t have access to food. Help them understand many persons go to bed hungry and show them anyone can help.

4. Take a prayerwalk through your house thanking God for all He has given your family. There are many families who have no shelter. Millions of refugees live in cardboard boxes or under tarps. The BGR has a “new beginnings bundle” or blankets that can be purchased.

These suggestions are not things to be done by us as parents and teachers but avenues for teaching children about the biblical principle of giving. In order to do the projects listed above, there is a financial investment. Adults can help with funds, but the lesson will be best learned if the child or children work to earn the amount or contribute out of their own savings. A child learning to work with others to make a difference in the world is a good thing – a very good thing!

(* Missions Mosaic is a monthly magazine for adult women that can be ordered online at: Telephone 1.800.968.7301

Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for International Missions

December is the month to emphasize how Southern Baptists support mission efforts around the world.  Named for a missionary to China, Lottie Moon, gifts to the mission offering now total more than $2 billion! Moon’s name has become synonymous with love and sacrifice. Week of Prayer materials are printed every year to encourage churches to support more than 5000 career missionaries in over 100 nations.

Prayer resources are available through the Indiana state Woman’s Missionary Union office. Call or email to order free posters, Week of Prayer guides, and offering envelopes. Go online to to download videos for use in worship and to promote giving to your church’s offering goal. The resources are excellent and certain to motivate giving!

State Missions Offering

September is State Missions month, and “Reaching Indiana” is the theme for the 2017 offering. Materials will place a strong emphasis on church planting in Indiana, and resources are available online. A printed brochure with mission stories, facts, and prayer requests will be available through the state convention office. This year’s goal is $75,000, and gifts to the offering will be used in 3 key areas: church revitalization, church planting, and associational initiatives.  Associations  request funds to assist them with evangelism projects, church plants, leadership development, and training events. Your gifts to this important offering will be used to proclaim the good news of Jesus throughout our state.

This year’s promotional materials will include the mentioned brochure, offering envelopes, posters, and a series of age level ideas for informing everyone in your church about how Indiana Southern Baptists are working to reach Hoosiers with God’s love. These suggestions will be available as online downloads along with “Indiana Fast Facts” which contains fun facts about our state as well as more information about our mission efforts. “Reaching the Lost in Indiana” gives information by association about the spiritual needs in Indiana. A special article on how to promote the mission offering will also be online. Go to  to order promotional items and download information helps.

In a Nutshell:

  1. Set a church goal.
  2. Order offering envelopes, brochures, posters. (free!)
  3. Plan to inform all age groups in your church about mission work in Indiana.
  4. Put up posters announcing your goal and/or a display featuring missions in our state.
  5. Determine an “in-gathering” day and schedule worship service time to emphasize giving and the importance of the offering.
  6. Stand back and watch God bless our mission efforts in Indiana!