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Need Fresh Missions Ideas?

Linda Clark is available for individual church consultations about the “how-tos” of missions education. She can help you develop a plan to guide your church to a fuller participation in missions-related activities. Linda is available to meet with mission leaders or a group of women wanting to participate in missions on a regular basis. Contact her at 502.595.8473 via text or email her at:

Summer Is Just Around the Corner

Now is the time to begin planning for summer mission activities for youth in your church. Woman’s Missionary Union has a great resource that will help you provide missions involvement opportunities during the summer months. “e-4” units are missions education units designed for small churches, church plants, home-school families, and small groups. They are developed around Engage, Expand, Explore, and Experience. There are currently 4 units ready for you to use with your students: Poverty, PTSD, Disaster Relief, and Live Like Jesus.

The units can be downloaded for $3.99 each. Involve your students in missions this summer! Go to to order.

Oh! Guess What? !

There are “e-4” units for children too! These drop-in missions activities cover such subjects as: Chaplaincy, Church Planters, Hunger, Homelessness, and Disaster Relief. Download for $3.99 each from:

Hot Off the Press

“Across the Street, Around the World: Ideas to Spark Missional Focus,” written by former Indiana’s Diana Davis and Autumn Wall, is a new source with a looong list of missions ideas to jump-start your missions group or church’s involvement in mission activities. Divided into  categories for one-hour, one-day, one-week, long-term ideas, and checklists for mission trips, this resource is a valuable tool to help motivate others to engage in mission opportunities locally, regionally, and globally. Order online at

Invite the Neighbors In

The March 2017 issue of Missions Mosaic Magazine included an article about starting a crafting group with your neighbors or women in your church. Pinterest has created a great deal of interest in crafts and is a great source of ideas you can use. Crafting with neighbors gives you a good opportunity to get to know them and establish relationships. A casual atmosphere encourages women to share with others. Add food and you have the recipe for some great times! Missions Mosaic is a monthly missions magazine for adult women and contains not only the month’s missionaries who have birthdays but articles about international and North American mission work. The magazine has a heavy emphasis on what women can do right where they live….like crafting with their neighbors!

Here’s How They Did It…

A church missions group in Florida chose Pure Water, Pure Love as a project for last year. Members took bottles of water, drank the water, and returned the bottles filled with change. They called it “Pennies for Pure Water” and were able to send in $1,206.40! They followed the collection with a Hawaiian luau. They are doing the project again this year and will celebrate with a Mexican fiesta.

Pure Water, Pure Love is a ministry of Woman’s Missionary Union that provides water filters for missionary families and the people they serve with wells that offer clean water, free from disease-causing microorganisms. More information is available at  (videos, water bottle labels, etc.).

How much do you know about the water crisis in the world?

*About 3.4 million people each year die from water-related diseases.

*More than 780 million people lack access to clean water.

*Lack of clean water and sanitation kills children at a rate of a plane crashing every four hours.

*Women spend 200 million hours a day collecting water.

There IS something we can do – and Pure Water, Pure Love is a channel for our giving and support of clean water.

Need a New Ministry Idea?

This book is for you! “Across the Street, Around the World” is a resource full of ideas to spark missional focus in your missions group or church. The authors focus on presenting practical suggestions and give hundreds of ideas that are arranged in categories depending on the amount of time needed – one hour, one day, one week or longer. The book can be ordered through New Hope Publishers for $14.99.  Visit to order this valuable resource.

It’s a New Year!

As we enter 2017, make plans to introduce your church to mission opportunities every quarter. Here are some ways you can do that:

  1. Winter Quarter: Select a date for the missions-related project and put it on the church calendar. Since cold weather is a real part of these months, gather good, used coats, gloves, mufflers, and hats and take them to a ministry for distribution. Promote the project in your bulletin, on the church website, and in worship services. See the article below for ideas to involve children in missions in February.
  2. Spring Quarter:  Set a goal for the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering for North American Missions. Enlist several persons to work with you to create a promotion display to chart the progress toward reaching the goal. Using scratch-away paper, outline the shape of each state and as certain amounts of the goal are given, scratch away to reveal the colors underneath. Encourage giving so the entire U.S. map is “colored in.” (This scratch-away paper can be ordered through Oriental Trading Company online or at Norton Novelty in Jeffersonville)
  3. Summer Quarter: Go online to or for missions videos to show at a Missions Movie Night during the summer months. Choose videos that are brief and ones that would interest everyone in the family. If your church has a suitable outdoor area, set up the viewing screen and chairs there. Serve popcorn, hot dogs, etc. to make the event a fun evening that will create missions awareness. Pinterest is a great site for fresh ideas about food, outdoor movie screens, etc.
  4. Fall Quarter: As children begin a new school year, lead church members to equip needy students with backpacks containing school supplies such as pencils, lined paper, etc. Find an existing ministry that will distribute them or contact the school nearest your church for information on donating them.

Plan a Ministry Project for Your Church

Southeast Association has many ministry opportunities that can bless your women and church members. Contact one of the seven church planters in our area and ask how you can provide support for their work. Volunteer to help with children, outreach activities, or special emphases. Our support is very important to our church planters and their families! The associational office has contact information.

Plan a project for the 4 quarters of the coming new year. Include all ages and families as you make your plans. Go to for a list of ideas that will help you choose activities to create an interest in missions.

Missions Involvement Ideas

As cold weather approaches, sponsor a Cold Weather Box for the homeless. Encourage families to take children shopping for gloves, mufflers, and knitted hats that homeless individuals will appreciate. (Note: Dollar Tree has some great ones!). Make arrangements to deliver the winter items to the Rescue Mission in Jeffersonville or Louisville. Contact the associational office for complete information.

Have a paper drive – no, not newspapers! – paper goods that Pearl Street Baptist Church can use in its hunger ministry. Contact Bruce Farnsley at  for a list of supplies needed.

Colder weather brings falling leaves! Enlist students to rake leaves for homebound persons in the church’s neighborhood. Encourage them to share why they are doing it: God loves them and they want to demonstrate His love.

Collect non-perishable food items and take them to a local agency that distributes food and/or provides hot meals for the homeless. SEIBA’s office may have current information on area needs.

Ideas for Mission Projects

Just released is “33 Easy Ways to Do Missions in Indiana,” a brochure full of easy-to-do ideas for small groups, the entire church, and/or women to engage in activities that reach out into your community. The new piece is designed with simplicity and low costs in mind so it’ll be a valuable resource when you need a fresh idea for children, students, or adults. You can receive the brochure as a downloadable piece or through the mail. Contact Linda Clark at to request a copy.