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Evangelism Events in Our Association

Several churches in SEIBA are planning evangelism activities to reach out to their communities. Block parties, gatherings in parks, Vacation Bible Schools, youth activities, and other outreach projects are slated to make our churches more visible. The purpose of these activities? To proclaim Christ to the unreached and unchurched in our 9-county area. These intentional plans demonstrate the faithfulness of churches to engage others in gospel conversations and to minister to those in need. If your church wants to host evangelistic efforts, please contact Gary Yochum at SEIBA’s office for information about possible financial assistance for your projects. 

Using Social Media to Share the Gospel

(information based on article “Tweet It! Share It! Post It!” in Missions Mosaic Magazine, February 2017,  p. 23)

Being intentional in sharing Christ as you use social media can become part of your daily life, just as using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have become. Sharing your faith in this way takes prayerful consideration and careful postings. It’s more than posting a Scripture verse or Christian slogan on a placard! Post with the goal of establishing relationships. Here are a few suggestions as you consider sharing your testimony through social media.

  • Be personal – This will impact readers.
  • Post more than just a Bible verse – Share what the verse means to you. In other words, make it personal.
  • Use discernment in your postings – Strong graphics may be regarded as judgmental.
  • Be careful about postings whose meanings are clear only to Christians – Intrigue readers, rather than lead them to unfriend you!
  • Church politics, political tirades or whining have no place in your posts – Posts should be positive and uplifting.
  • Offer additional support that will build relationships.
  • Be a friend – It may take time to develop a relationship. Be patient!