Refugees Are Here…. Now What?

If your church is seeking ways to minister to refugees, consider the following steps to take to connect with newcomers to our nation and state.

  • Find out who they are. Displaced from countries experiencing conflict, most refugees are distraught, frightened, and alone.
  • Discover their background. Learn about where they’re from and what their home was like. Find out about their culture and what kind of trouble they’ve experienced.
  • Step toward, not away from refugees. Pray for guidance as God helps you overcome your hesitancy about unknown circumstances. Ask Him to free you from any fears you have about interacting with strangers.
  • Understand the many possibilities for ministry. Respond to needs as opportunities to share God’s love.
  •  Be a resource for refugees to receive assistance with learning English, applying for jobs, housing, or childcare. Connect with refugee families in a warm, friendly way and be ready to help them in practical ways.

Reaching out to people who have experienced great loss can be a rewarding ministry. The relationships you form will demonstrate God’s love and point them to a saving knowledge of Christ.