Missions is for Life!

Six words can be used to describe the purpose of missions education in individuals’ and churches’ lives. These 6 words can enrich your church’s missions life!

Learn – about missions with biblically sound and age-appropriate curriculum for all ages. Go to www.wmu.com/getstarted for information. Gain a deeper understanding of tough topics like orphan care, depression and more, and see how you can make a difference: www.newhopepublishers.com  Find simple, effective ways to reach the community and the world for Christ: www.justmissions.com

Pray – for missions by cultivating a deeper prayer life. Find books on prayer at www.wmustore.com/prayer  Pray for Southern Baptist missionaries all over the world: www.wmu.com/prayercalendar

Develop - spiritually toward a missions lifestyle. One way to do this is to discover and develop leadership gifts and skills through the Christian Women’s Leadership Center’s learning experiences via online courses. Go to www.wmu.com/cwlc to register.

Support – Make a difference in the lives of human trafficking and disaster victims when you give. Be an active part of missions work around the world by giving to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering and Annie Armstrong Easter Offering: www.wmu.com/support  WorldCrafts is a ministry that changes the world as it gives hope to the hopeless by teaching women and men about God’s love and helps them develop a sustainable income. See fair trade products at www.worldcraftts.org

Participate – in the work of your church and denomination by helping your church further the kingdom when you give through the Cooperative Program. For resources go to www.wmu.com/cp

Engage - in mission action and witnessing through a variety of mission activities supported by resources available through WMU. Christian Women’s Job Corps, Baptist Nursing Fellowship, and Pure Water, Pure Love are 3 ministries designed to encourage believers to use their talents and skills to serve God and proclaim the good news of His  Son. See www.wmu.com/jobcorps and www.wmu.com/bnf and www.wmu.com/trips as well as purewater@wmu.org

These six words can change your life, your church, and the world!