Just a Pair of Glasses

Several years ago I found an illustrated advertisement in a Christian journal. At first glance I saw a drawing of a pair of eyeglasses. Upon closer observation, however, it was apparent that the glasses were very unusual. One lens was round in shape and etched on it was a world globe. The other lens was rectangular and had the words “Holy Bible” etched on it. To my way of thinking, the pen and ink drawing illustrated perfectly the concept that we as believers are to have one eye on the world and its needs while looking to the Bible for mandates regarding our witness and ministry.

Going and sharing God’s love is an over-riding concept of the letters of Paul to the New Testament churches. He challenges them to be faithful in sharing Christ as they live their daily lives. Unfortunately, even though we have many similar accounts that should lead us to a deep understanding of God’s desire for all men to come to Him, we leave the “going and sharing” to others. That part of the gospel  is for those who have answered God’s call to full time service or to go to another part of the world.

As many of our states focus on ministries within their boundaries, we may feel a question rising up from within us, a question we don’t ask aloud. “Why?” One small word with just 3 letters. How we as individuals, families, and churches answer this question will impact our states greatly.  Why should we be involved in going and sharing? Why can’t someone else do that part? Why does the need seem so critical?

Consider these responses:

Why? Because it is every person’s responsibility to tell others about Jesus.

Why? Because we are commanded to be salt and light.

Why? Because financial distress has fragmented our states’ economies.

Why? Because society has lost its moral compass and we are to be strong examples of how Christ can transform lives.

Why? Because those who are hungry, homeless, shunned, and forgotten need us to be advocates for justice and examples of God’s love and mercy.

We need to use new glasses to see our world and how God wants us to Go and Share!