If you are new to this webpage, welcome to the space with the latest missions education information! The page is designed to keep you informed about upcoming missions events and how you can involve your church in learning about and supporting missions.

Southern Baptists are fortunate to have a denominational entity whose purpose is solely to distribute information that informs individuals and churches about how to create a missions atmosphere and involve every age in learning about how missionaries serve around the world. Woman’s Missionary Union (WMU), begun in 1888, provides materials in various formats (magazines, books, DVDs, videos) that are easy to use and motivational in content. These resources are available through WMU and New Hope Publishers.

If you want to begin new age level mission groups, you can receive discounted curriculum through the Indiana WMU office. Contact Allison Kinion, Indian State WMU Director, through Terah Adams,,  to order the mission resources.  Visit WMU’s website at for a complete listing of magazines, books, and related products.

As SEIBA’s Missions Education Consultant, I am available to help you and your church with resources, ideas, and ministry opportunities. Don’t hesitate to contact me at: or by calling 502.595.8473. I’m here to help!