Creating Missions Awareness in Your Church

Creating Awareness for Missions Education:

  1. Displays – emphasize one part of missions education with a display. Go to www.wmu.or for current themes and information about WMU ministries. Gather display items to create a display that is not “flat” and distribute resource materials.
  2. Be present – attend missions events in your area and tell others about it...
  3. Promote state missions – Hand out information about upcoming missions events such as your state’s mission offering, annual meetings, and evangelistic events.

Creating Enthusiasm about Missions:

1. Share information about church planting efforts in your area, suggesting ways others can become involved in supporting the new ministries. Adopt a church planter!

2. Plan church wide missions activities and involve the entire family. Collect canned food r makeup food baskets for the holiday season.

3.  Help promote the special missions offerings: Lottie Moon Christmas Offering and Annie Armstrong Easter Offering for North American Missions. Show videos from NAMB and IMB during worship services. Go to: or

Creating Mission Opportunities:

  1. Focus on special projects such as Christmas in August (go online to for information) to motivate churches to participate on at least a quarterly basis in some type of mission activity.
  2. Search online for short-term mission trip projects and present them to the church missions team for consideration.
  3. Contact community agencies to find out about their current needs and plan several activities in your local area during the upcoming holidays.